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Month: November 2016

Happy Things Thursday


  1. Long phone calls with an old friend
  2. When holiday music starts playing in stores and restaurants
  3. Being thankful for all we are fortunate to have
  4. The smell of Thanksgiving meal
  5. Bringing out holiday decor
  6. The first peaceful snowfall
  7. The smell and crackle of a fire place
  8. The kind of good night’s sleep when you feel like you went into a coma
  9. Road trips
  10. Buying Christmas gifts for friends and family

Happy Things Thursday


1. Coworkers bringing treats to work

2. Finding money in the washing machine

3. Cute trick-or-treaters at your door

4. Eating the extra Halloween candy you didn’t pass out

5. 60 degree weather in November

6. Your favorite team winning a big game

7. Winning money from a scratch off/pull tabs

8. The feeling of finally having a moment to apply chapstick to relieve your dry lips

9. Love letters

10. Drinking wine + Friday night + sweatpants + your couch = heaven