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Happy Things Thursday


1. When your health insurance covers the entire medical bill

2. BOGO sales

3. Scheduling a massage

4. The combination of freshly washed sheets and shaved legs

5. Snow days

6. Writing on a marker board

7. Running your hands through a fresh haircut

8. Pulling the pizza out of the oven just as the cheese gets brown

9. When your boss tells you to leave work early

10. Unexpected goosebumps when good things happen

-keep shining
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Happy Things Thursday


  1. The smell of coffee in the morning
  2. People with contagious laughs
  3. Donating to a good cause
  4. Compliments on a new outfit
  5. Finding an old gift card you forgot you had
  6. Getting birthday cards in the mail
  7. Writing with your favorite pen
  8. ~ For the ladies ~ Not having any patches of hair on your knee cap after shaving
  9. Getting a new tattoo
  10. Fresh donuts

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Happy Things Thursday


1. Getting to see someone you have been missing

2. Free ice cream

3. Having your oil changed, and not getting any additional feedback on needed car repair

4. Fitting into clothes that are a size smaller than you’re used to

5. A good Pandora playlist

6. Being awarded employee of the week or month

7. Helpful and understanding coworkers

8. Packing for a vacation

9. Clean public restrooms

10. Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Happy Things Thursday


  1. Having autostart for your vehicle
  2. Grilled cheese and tomato soup
  3. Candlelit showers
  4. Unexpected inspiration
  5. Fresh donuts
  6. Work Christmas parties
  7. A good slice of pizza
  8. Netflix binge sessions
  9. Heated seats
  10. Being told by your supervisor to leave work early


Happy Things Thursday


  1. Cleaning out the inside of your car
  2. Chinese food delivered to your door
  3. Puppy kisses
  4. Babies grasping your finger with their entire hand
  5. Reaching out to an old friend to find out that nothing has changed between you two
  6. New sunglasses
  7. Compliments from colleagues
  8. Not having to wash your car because it rained
  9. Getting a surprisingly good tax return
  10. That first cup of coffee after sleeping in on a Saturday